Black raincoat / King of Spades
Black raincoat / King of Spades
Black raincoat / King of Spades

Black raincoat / King of Spades

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The Main fabric is waterproof windproof and breathable!


The unique raincoat patters are created by our designer at Colorfall. The fabrics are custom printed in Latvia and are handmade in our warehouse.


Lining is made out of 100% acetate , which will make you feel extra comfortable during the rainy and windy weather.


Most suitable for Spring & Fall seasons.

Can be washed in 30C, with similar coloured clothing, must be dried on a flat surface in  a room temperature.

Membrane fabric is a new generation material that can provide maximum comfort in the most extreme weather conditions.

Our waterproof-breathable membranes fabric are covered in billions of microscopic pores, giving the laminate its unique waterproof-breathable properties. Water droplets are too large to pass through the membrane, keeping you dry, but the pores are the perfect size to let small water vapor molecules (sweat and body moisture) escape rather than building up inside of your raincoat.

5000mm waterproof

Our raincoats are made up to 21 working days, from the purchased date.

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